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Magical Idaho

Photo taken by my friend Hao.

Photo taken by my friend Hao.

This past weekend we had a snowstorm provide some much needed snow in our area. Fearing/predicting it might be close to the last time a good snowshoe could happen this year some friends and I planed a trip to the mountains for a snowshoe hike. In addition to the hike, we made plans to enjoy a dip in a hot springs after the hike. It was to be a first for my friends, as they had never visited a natural hot springs before.

The snow was wonderful, powdery and beautiful. The views were amazing, with grand magical mountain tops in the distance. It was a great snowshoe…but the real joy in the day came afterwards in the hot springs.

We climbed around the waterfalls crashing from the rocks above us to find an empty rock formed pool. After a short walk we found a pool tucked underneath a falls and we settled in only then really taking the time to look at our surroundings.

The hillsides were charred from a forest fire that ran through the area years earlier. New growth of the forest was beginning to show again. It was close to sundown when we arrived and we very shortly began to see the signs of dusk, with one of us spotting a herd of elk grazing on the hillside across the road that was nearby.

As the sun began to set a bit more a few more signs of nightfall began to appear. We talked and looked at the river that flow next to us as something caught my eye in the sky. I looked towards it and a majestic bald eagle few 20 feet above our heads. He followed the river, presumably looking for his evening meal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With the awe of such a bird in such a setting still consuming us my friend squealed in excitement.  “They are right there, you guys, they are right there!” Confused by what she might be talking about the rest of us looked in the direction of her pointing. After a few seconds we spotted what brought her such delight. An elk head was peering our direction not 50 feet away. We sat there as she grazed for several minutes then another head then another popped up. After several minutes we knew they were not afraid of us. We each took turns standing up to get a better view of the six elk that grazed for their evening meal not far from where we soaked in the lava heated water.

It was an amazing experience and one that I know is not uncommon here in this great state. I’m so glad to be back and excited to share my stories and adventures with my friends, new and old.

Silver Creek Kayaking

Off on a trip with Chelsea to who knows where…kayaking.  I take her word that these places are going to beautiful when she invites me out, but again it’s Idaho so there isn’t many places that aren’t beautiful.  Plus I get to be on the water!!

This time we headed up north towards Ketchum and Sun Valley to a place called Silver Creek. It was another Starbucks morning, but a great one. The sun was shinning and we were well prepared with food and smiles!  Once we arrived it was a beautiful location with the mountains in the backdrop and the birds chirping.  The float was amazing!! The water was flat and easy to maneuver. The wine went down very well too.

Kayaking in the snow!

A day I will never forget…it started with me regretting the commitment to go kayaking at 6:00 in the morning because I didn’t want to get up.  It quickly turned to “we are going to do what?”  I’m not one to back down from a commitment.  In fact if you know me well you know that I am always busy.  This is partially because I have a “NO” problem and then I don’t want to back down once I say “yes”.  So when the alarm went off that morning, I got up…when I saw the snow falling I made a call.

“Of course I’m still going, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to”, Chelsea said on the other end.

Well, now…I’m not going to turn down an adventure so I got in the car and went to meet her, stopping at Starbucks for pick-me-ups along the way.  Besides it was only snowing a little bit, not even enough to stick.  If it got really bad we would be close enough to turn back fairly easily.

We packed the truck, snowshoes included (because I was worried), and went to meet the rest of the kayaking group.  And wouldn’t you know it there were lots of people who joined us that March morning.  They were ready to go with wet suits and all.  Chelsea and I had our hats and our gloves but really were we going to do this??  Really, in the snow??  On the hour drive up to the put in we ran into something that we thought might change our plans…a snow storm.  I was white out but we kept driving and it eventually stopped as we neared our put in site.

As the boats were prepped, cars and people shuttled the weather was COLD! So cold that it started to snow again as we were putting the boats in the water.  We’re not looking back now…and away we went.  It only snowed for a few minutes and it was a really nice flat water float that ended with the sun shinning, hot chocolate and a great new friend!

Kayaking in the snow!

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