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Lucky Peak Summit (Shaw Mountain)

On Memorial Day I thought it would be fun to conquer something, so I choose a peak.  This peak was relatively mild at 5,904 feet.

Overlooking the Treasure Valley

Overlooking the Treasure Valley

This is considering that there is a 12,668 foot summit (Mt. Borah – the tallest peak in Idaho) in my near future (August 2012).  None-the-

less, this one, Lucky Peak, is within a 10 minute drive from apartment.I set the hike up for  my hiking group and away we went, all 16 of us.  It was a beautiful, grueling hike with view of the Treasure Valley and the surrounding area.  The six miles UP HILL were blister happy, but I continued on.  Reminding myself as we walked that it was time for new hiking boots – even taking my boots off for awhile.

Summit Marker for Lucky Peak.

There were a few ways to come down the mountain making the total mileage either 11 – 14 miles based your route.  There ended up being several groups of us as we split-up based on ability to climb and our individual desires to climb quickly or not.  Ending the hike back together at a local place, Lucky 13, for a beverage, food and chocolate chip cookie!

My hike in the end totaled 14 miles, a bit of an accomplishment for me considering that not long ago 4 miles was a great day!  I loved my 14 miles, blisters, sunburn and all.  It was another great hike that I look forward to doing again one day soon!

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