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Car lessons 1 & 2

This blog is about my life lessons and today I learned something new…brakes need replaced OR they make bad sounds.

About a month ago I learned a different lesson…tire gauges aren’t usually wrong. I have low profile tires and the amount of air between a full tire and flat one, isn’t really noticeable. There is somewhat of a difference because I went out one morning and thought “that tire looks low, I should go put air in it”.  Then I checked it with the tire gauge. “No pressure – that must be wrong” I thought.  And so I drove, nope, I didn’t put the spare on I just drove, and it drove just fine. I drove to the gas station down the street – “$0.75 for air forget that” and I drove.  I decided at that point that I should have it looked at so I took it to local tire dealer with an awesome reputation, Les Schwab.  They were great. They took care of my tires right away and set me up to get the alignment looked at (not something that could be fixed…something about Mazda not making a part) and told me my brakes had about 10% left. Now, the thing about my brakes means absolutely nothing to a girl who knows almost nothing about cars. So what do I do – “oh, I’ll just hold off on the brakes for a while.”

That “while” reared its head last night as the crunching sound being made when I braked or turned became unavoidable. I took it back to the same place this morning and received a lecture from the cute guy who helped me before about how I should have had it done before…good thing he was cute. In an attempt to avoid another lecture and possible more damage to my innocent car, I left it to get worked on and have the brakes replaced.

So, another life lesson…listen and RESPOND when you are told something needs done with your car. I’m not a fan of this maintenance stuff!

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