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A different life…

For many of us we never get the chance to make a different life for ourselves. To change what we know and reach for what we want to know. For some of us we get that chance sometimes more than once. What we do with that chance is up to us. We have two choices – take it, hug it, embrace the change and the difference for the good it can be or, we can run from it. I grew up learning to embrace change and make the best of it, so my story today isn’t really all that impressive to me.

When I was really young my family moved around a few times but by the time I was seven it was pretty stable for the most part. There were times I thought things could be better, but it was as good as it could be at the time. When I became an adult my life changed, kind of, I married but not just that, I married a military man. We moved states away from the life I knew, not that I enjoyed it, but I knew it. We moved our home 7 times in 9 years. Then I joined the military too, another 2 moves on my own. Life was much different than it was growing up. I loved it. I really did love it. I loved seeing the different parts of the country, experiencing all that each city had to offer. It was wonderful, new and different – the food, the people, the celebrations, the life.

Then life changed again. This time it wasn’t my decision and I wasn’t OK with what was happening, but it happened anyway. I had to move back to Boise, alone and without my best friend. It was not a change I wanted to hug or embrace, but rather I wanted to yell at it to go away then turn around, run and hide under a rock. I wanted my old life back…today has been one year since that change occurred. One year ago, with the help of loved ones, I packed up my life as I knew it, leaving behind the stuff I was ready to let go, packing and securing that which I was not ready to let go of, and I left home. I left my life. I was headed for Boise and another new life. I felt like I needed to discover what kind of life it was that I wanted – the discovery wasn’t easy. It took months to figure out I needed to take control and figure it out on my own. Then one day I started to create challenges and eventually convinced myself to conquer them.

  • A long distance snowshoe – after never have done the sport before that winter.
  • Backpacking Hells Canyon for 3 days – after not backpacking for more than a decade.
  • Rock climbing a 5.10 indoor course – after not doing it for more than a decade months before.
  • Repelling down a waterfall – never done that before.
  • 14 mile hike with my grandfather in his backyard – life dream of mine!
  • Completing a century (100 miles) bike ride this summer – after never riding more than 20 miles prior to that spring.
  • Earning two awards for volunteering.
  • Making friends & keeping them.
  • Maybe the best of all…I bought a house – on my own – after not being sure I could live, survive or even figure life out on my own.

I’m not sure my new life has been healthy all the time, but it has been fun. I’m also not sure if I’ve really proved anything to myself, except that I can do it. But isn’t that I all I need to do?

Viewfinder into the past

This week I went through and scanned old color slides my grandparents have had in a storage unit, untouched for some 40 years.  Most of the photos were taken in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  There were some slides that I didn’t care much about scanning, like the scenery of some beach down south.   Then there were others that I (and other members of my family) will likely cherish forever.

Pictures of people I have known all my life, but I hadn’t ever really seen them in this light.  My mom’s third birthday party, my aunt hanging upside down from a tree, my uncle as a baby (lots of him as a baby!) and my grandparents as a playful, fun loving, young couple.  I have always known them as fun loving and playful but truly being able to see this in a photograph is just something else.

My grandparents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary this week.  As I scanned their wedding slides, I saw in my grandfather’s eyes the same look he gives my grandmother every time I see them.  That look of love, rejoice, and gratitude.  I love seeing that look in his eyes.  They truly have been through a lot in their lives, more than I’m sure I will ever know, but to see this look makes me happy and hopeful.  Hopeful for the future and what it might have in store.

These pictures also reminded me that I am a product of my blood.  Most of my family and friends think I am crazy for doing most of the things I’ve enjoyed doing since moving back to Boise – most…with the exception of my grandparents.  They love hearing my stories, I think it’s because it is something they use to do or in some cases still do.  I love sharing with them too, because they typically share back and that can only happen for so much longer.

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