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Pictures can tell an amazing story

I read this photograph essay recently and I’m compelled to share. It might be an emotional journey for some – so please be prepared. It tells a story I believe everyone should know exists but no one should live.

Photographer as Witness: a Portrait of Domestic Violence

Full Moon

Hulls Gulch

Hulls Gulch

On Sunday I went on a new hike, Hulls Gulch Interpretive hike.  My plan was to be out for the sunset and then hopefully get a shot of the full moon.

Now, don’t let the hike name fool you this was a 7 mile interpretive hike, the longest I’ve ever seen, and it did have some great views.

I was glad I brought my nice camera.

Well, the group I went with hiked fast and my plan to see the sunset didn’t really work out.  The sun was still well above the horizon when we returned to the trail head.  I was able to get a few nice sunset shots but what I really wanted was the full moon.


When the group dispersed, I chased the moon.  I climbed a hill on the other side of town to get myself a nice view of the moon over Table Rock.  I played with the setting on my camera for a while, trying different options.  Eventually I was satisfied and went home.

Anxious to see my results I looked at the moon pictures right away (forgetting about the beautiful hike I had just done) and a few of the pictures actually turned out. Yea!!

Full moon over Table Rock

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