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There is a lot to say about expectations. For years…all of my adult life and before…I have expected something special on special occasions. The Hallmark Holiday, as it is sometimes called, has been no different. I’ve always said I didn’t expect anything special but that was always a lie. I like to receive tokens of love – something special – I am a woman! But for me it didn’t have to be big. It could be dinner, flowers, candy, a card, most years even just the acknowledgement that it was a so-called holiday was enough.

This year was different…

I didn’t fight with anyone…

I didn’t have to get pretty for dinner only to deal with crowds…

I didn’t have to cook dinner only to have it over in 30 minutes…or less…only to watch T.V. the rest of the night (boring by the way)…

I didn’t have to go to bed angry, disappointed, or regretful because something I expected to happen didn’t (or worse – something I didn’t want to happen did)…

This year, I didn’t expect anything – from anyone – why would I? I am single for the first time ever on February 14th and okay with it. Instead I spent the evening with one of my best friends working on my house, getting electrocuted, enjoying a few good laughs and loving life. Love in the form of friendship and nothing less. Yes, for the first time ever I discovered how to spend your Valentine’s day…with no expectations…enjoying the evening with someone special. There was no one trying to make it a special night, it just was an evening of nothing but non-expectations.  I think it was possibly the best Valentine’s I’ve ever had.


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One thought on “Expectations

  1. Thanks Jennifer, for your honesty and expressiveness. I’m sure you voiced the feelings of many people as well as your own.

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