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There are many reasons I LOVE hiking with my groups. That I don’t have to hike alone, make decisions alone and there is usually a good laugh or two along the way, at least with the people I typically hike with, are among my top reasons. Last night was one of those times I lead a group hiking adventure and it was grand!

Of the 17 people who joined me on this hike, one had been in the area we were hiking. One of seventeen of us! and many of us hike quite often, sometimes multiple times in a day, so it was new territory for all of us. I was glad to provide a new venue to those who had signed up, but nervous at the same time. Would it be a good hike? Would it be long enough, hard enough, pretty enough? All these worries cross my mind because I don’t want to be disappointed myself but, more importantly I didn’t want the rest of the group to be disappointed.  

It turned out to be a hike none of us imagined it would be. There was a good climb in the beginning (steep hill) getting our heart rates up with some unexpected views that couldn’t be beat as the reward, very little sagebrush (which seemed to be a wonderful thing among the group), and there was a nice ‘rolling hill’ terrain make each turn a wonderfully different site. In addition, some wildflowers were still blooming!

I was a bit uncertain as to the direction and location of the trail since I had never done the hike myself, but all in all that was really a non-concern.  (Until that one spot…but we won’t mention that.) In the end many of us found a new trail/hiking location to add to our rotation for many springs to come!

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