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Silver Creek Kayaking

Off on a trip with Chelsea to who knows where…kayaking.  I take her word that these places are going to beautiful when she invites me out, but again it’s Idaho so there isn’t many places that aren’t beautiful.  Plus I get to be on the water!!

This time we headed up north towards Ketchum and Sun Valley to a place called Silver Creek. It was another Starbucks morning, but a great one. The sun was shinning and we were well prepared with food and smiles!  Once we arrived it was a beautiful location with the mountains in the backdrop and the birds chirping.  The float was amazing!! The water was flat and easy to maneuver. The wine went down very well too.


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2 thoughts on “Silver Creek Kayaking

  1. It adds to the “awesome-ness” of the photo! 🙂

  2. Paul on said:

    Love the toenail polish too. Real wilderness stuff. Seriously, it looks beautiful (the scenery I mean).

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